About Chiquita Canyon

Chiquita Canyon is a 639-acre landfill located in Castaic, California, approximately 3 miles west of the Interstate 5 on State Route 126 in the Santa Clarita Valley. It has been in continuous operation for more than 40 years and is owned and operated by Waste Connections, an integrated solid waste services company. Chiquita Canyon has provided the Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding Los Angeles communities with environmentally safe and efficient waste disposal services.

Chiquita Canyon only accepts non-hazardous solid waste for disposal. The solid waste received at the site consists of municipal solid waste, residential and commercial waste, including yard waste, Green Waste (for composting or for recycling), clean fill soil and construction/demolition debris.

Since it began operating in 1972, Chiquita Canyon has been an active member of the Santa Clarita Valley, participating in community events and contributing to local organizations and programs. Through the Val Verde Community Benefits Funding Committee Chiquita Canyon has been an active supporter of Val Verde civic programs.

Chiquita Canyon, like other solid waste landfills, over time generates a greenhouse gas, methane, which can be safely converted into a valuable source of clean energy. Chiquita deploys a gas recovery system to collect methane which is then used to generate electricity for nearly 10,000 homes each year.

Chiquita is located at 29201 Henry Mayo Dr., Castaic, CA 91384. For more information, please contact (661) 257-3655.

Conditional Use Permit – CUP 2004-00042

About Waste Connections

Waste Connections is an integrated solid waste services company that provides solid waste collection, transfer, disposal and recycling services in mostly secondary markets in the Western and Southern U.S. The Company serves more than one million residential, commercial and industrial customers from a network of operations in 23 states. We also provide intermodal services for the movement of containers in the Pacific Northwest.

We believe the solid waste service business is a local business managed by professionals living and working in the communities we serve. We strive to provide service excellence for those communities that place their trust in our company and are always dedicated to putting our customers first. We look to technology and growth to help our customers, employees and shareholders “Connect with the Future”. As a public company we have the resources to meet every customer’s needs in a cost effective and environmentally compatible manner. We under- stand the markets, the philosophy and the unique needs of the customers we serve whether they be industry, commercial accounts, municipal jurisdictions or individual subscribers.

Finley Buttes Landfill is a modern municipal solid waste disposal facility permitted by the Oregon DEQ and is in full compliance with Oregon DEQ rules and regulations.

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